Hill&Dale Sparkling Brut Rosé


Bringing pink sparkle to the party!

The wine is made exclusively from Stellenbosch fruit with a focus on selecting cultivars with more fruit- and floral-aromas and clean gentleness to achieve the desired taste profile.

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Winemaker’s Comments

Colour: Bright salmon-pink with an energetic mousse.


Bouquet: Fruity and floral with characters reminiscent of freshly cut strawberries, red apples and rosewater.
Taste:  Cosmopolitan in its flavours, animated in its freshness and simple in its enjoyment. The sparkle is lively with the fruit-based sweetness perfectly balanced by a crisp acidity. The dryness of finish will endear those who choose “dry” because they like it – not because they “should”.


Food Pairing:  Served well chilled, this style of wine is a lovely aperitif and an ideal match with cured meats and fruit-driven appetizers like prosciutto-wrapped melon and middle-weight Asian dishes such as Thai noodles and sushi.


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